Winter le mans 2018/2019

Price: 1200 SEK per team/race

You should be here at - 18:00
Race starts at - 18:30

Please Note​​​​​​​
Signup required since we can only have 8 teams per race
The Winter Le Mans is a team competition where you compete in teams of 2-3 in a series of 6 1½ hour races.
You should be here at 18:00
Minimum age requirement: 15 years
The average weight of all members of each team should be as close to 90kg as possible (maximum of 27kg can be added)

Race Structure​​​​​​​
10 min qualifier with free driver changes within the team. The qualifier determines in which position your team will start in.
1½ hour race. Driver changes every 10 minutes within each team. The team with the most laps after 90 minutes wins.

Each race that your team participates in will give your team a certain amount of points based off of which position the team finishes in.
The 3 teams with the most points in the end of the season (6 races) will receive prizes.
The race where your team has been awarded the least amount of points will not count in the final standings, or if your team was unable to participate in any of the races.

Dates for the races
Race 1: 1/11
Race 2: 28/11
Race 3: 19/12
Race 4: 30/1
Race 5: 27/2
Race 6: 27/3

Warnings during the qualification
Warning number          Consequence
First                               1 second added to the fastest lap
Second                          Start last in the race

All the results and pictures on our facebook 

RULES and regulations FOR the winter le mans 2018/2019

  • Driver changes every 10th minute, the pit lane will be open for one minute every 10 minutes.
  • The order in which the drivers in a team drives needs to be consistent
    (Red – Blue – Yellow)
  • A short briefing regarding driver changes and overtakes will be held prior to the race
  • A rule violation is a purposely followed through collision or interception. The judges’ opinion decides.
  • A rule violation also includes a collision during braking due to the posterior driver being too close to the anterior driver.
  • A rule violation is also a collision that occurs because a driver enters the racing line too late before a turn.
  • A false start is of course a rule violation
  • Competition management is not allowed to be interfered with during the race.
  • Ignoring blue flag is a rule violation
  • In the case of one driver consciously blocking another, race management can give blue flag
  • In the case of a driver driving through the pit lane this should be done very slowly
  • In the event of exiting the pit lane, the driver who is leaving the pit lane must give way to other drivers that are already on the track
  • In the event of a black flag the driver shall immediately seek him/herself to the pit area
  • Each team’s average driver weight should be as close to 90kg as possible.
Warnings during the race
Warning Number                               Consequence
First                                                     10 seconds added to final time
Second                                                1 lap reduced from final results
Third                                                    2 laps reduced from final results
Fourth                                                  3 laps reduced from final results
Fifth                                                      Team gets black flag
Interference with cones in the pit lane  10 seconds added to final time